4,041 ft / 1,231 m


461 ft / 140 m


48 summits

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July   25%

September  18%

June   14%

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"1.5 day trip to work on NE 67. Day one: Old Spec in the morning Saddleback and the Horn in the afternoon Day two: Sugarloaf and Spaulding in the morning. Saw lots of AT Hikers, got real sweaty, roughed it on some really great maine mountain trails and slept in my car falling asleep with the Milky Way above. What a trip!" - shay-shay, Sep 21, 2017
"Saddleback and the Horn is an interesting hike as you are exposed about 99% of the way. You go up a ski slope and the hike a ridge above tree line. Views of the Rangeley lakes area is fantastic. Our weather was a little cold and windy. Dark clouds threatened rain the whole time. Amlittle sun here and there." - Alohabuffy, Aug 8, 2017
"Climb down Saddleback was a good workout, mostly smooth sailing to The Horn, other than some areas where the trail was completely flooded. Had a great experience when all of the clouds and fog suddenly lifted right in front of us revealing the trail and The Horn before us. It was pretty amazing." - mikewilliamsjr, Jun 20, 2017
"Continued on from Saddleback with Kim and Jeff Davis where we hung out for just a short time before they continued NoBo on the AT and I backtracked and headed up and over Saddleback and down to the ski resort where my car was parked. " - LGH-Tom, Sep 12, 2016
"What a great day for a hike! One of the nicest 4000'ers I ever climbed in Maine. Today was a perfect day for a climb, the only thing that would have made it better if everyone could have joined us. We hiked up the Gray Ghost trail to the Tri Color trail (both are ski trails) to the AT and then we went on to The Horn. This route according to the map at the visitor center is approx. 2 miles. Every picture and trail description of the traverse to The Horn looks like it's right there and just an easy ridge walk, I'm just going to tell you, you drop down about 700' on the Saddleback end and th" - bwright, Jun 15, 2013



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