5.0 mi to summit

9.5 mi total


7,000 ft start


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no info yet

The standard route used to be the Little Dry trail #180. Trail #180 does not exist beyond Windy Gap except in isolated sections as the trail was abandoned years ago and is now overgrown and filled with deadfall. I suggest anyone contemplating making this hike read two trip reports: AZHiker456 who made the ascent on 2017-05-06 (https://hikearizona.com/photoset.php?ID=45475) and New Mexico Meanders 2018-12-25 (https://newmexicomeanders.com/2018/12/28/2018-12-25-little-dry-creek-to-windy-gap-elk-horn-rib-mogollon-mts/). I followed AZHiker456 route to the HP (Lone Pine Hill - West Baldy - Peak 10293 - Sacaton Mtn) although I started from Forest Road 4092 just west of Lone Pine Hill. Forest Road 4092 is a HC 4WD road beyond the water tank. On the way back I did visit Simmons Spring which is about a 1/10 of a mile from Simmons Saddle via a trail. Spring was running - good water. From Simmons saddle I was able to find a section of Trail 180 that took me back towards the saddle that lies between West Baldy and PK 10293. Most of the hike is a bushwhack but there are sections with game trails. This was a tough, hot hike. Sacaton Road and FR-196 are both in good condition.

There is a summit log near the HP in a jar within a small cairn. AZHiker456 had placed the existing wet log sheet which showed summits by AZ’s Mark Nichols (7/30/05) and James Jones of Missoula, MT (4/18/08) in a baggy and logged her climb on a separate sheet. The baggy had rotted and crumbled and AZHiker456 sheet was brittle so I added a new sheet of paper and pencil and cleaned out the jar.


routefinding, bushwhacking, blowdowns, rockfall/loose rock

Key gear

GPS device