8,211 ft / 2,503 m


534 ft / 162 m


22 summits

Top climbing months

February   44%

August   18%

July   11%

Most climbed route

Popradské pleso

"Due to very poor visibility, large amount of fresh snow and a dangerous-looking traverse, we had to turn back just below the summit. Anyway it was a fun winter climb in a beautiful terrain, my first real winter climb :) " - zoltanban, Feb 4, 2018
"An ascent of the mountain from the Slovak side. Although the route is a marked trail, I decided to engage the services of Grzegorz Kubicki, Tatra guide and a member of the Polish mountain rescue, whose chata we were renting. I had never engaged a guide before - and Grzegorz was quite excellent. He has a deep knowledge of the Tatra, is engaging company, and shares his love of these mountains in excellent English. I thoroughly recommend him - see his Facebook page at https://en-gb.facebook.com/Grzegorz-Kubicki-Przewodnik-Tatrza%C5%84ski-1591458191071747/. We took the long drive round fro" - marktrengove, Aug 10, 2017
"I started climbing from Morskie Oko mountain hut at 6:00AM. I reached the top at 11:20AM. The trail was very icy and huge amount of snow was really slowing me down. I returned back to the hut at 2:00PM" - szymonkodrebski, Jan 28, 2017



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