15,354 ft / 4,680 m


1,050 ft / 320 m


17 summits

Top climbing months

January   22%

March   11%

April   11%

Most climbed route


"Ecuador. Took cable car from Quito. Nice views on the vulcano chain. Really fun scramble at the end. 2 girls from an Ecuadorian mountaineering club also came to the top. Some eagles. Got back to cable car just before the rain." - Pieter, Oct 25, 2017
"Got a great Altitude Hike in today despite the not so nice weather. We did not get rained on but not much to see either till almost coming down to Quito. Feeling strong and we are on the right track to Cotopaxi. Tomorrow we will move out of Town to near the Base Camp of Cotopaxi and a day of rest. " - Nuernberger, Mar 10, 2014


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