6,316 ft / 1,925 m


236 ft / 72 m


13 summits

Top climbing months

November   23%

December   15%

June   15%

Most climbed route

Round Top Truck Trail 3N90

"I hiked the Iron, Roundtop, Granite, Rabbit loop counterclockwise from Monte Cristo campground. It's a long, steep climb up the firebreak to the summit with a few frustrating false peaks. I didn't find a register. This peak offers excellent views of the Major Peaks of the San Gabriel front country." - klotito, Apr 1, 2017
"Rode EMTB from Pony Park next to Mill Creek Summit Fire Station up 3N17 Pacifico Mtn. Rd to 3N90 Round Top Truck Road. Stopped on 3N90 and hiked up to Granite Mtn.on the way to Roundtop. Roundtop is nice and flat on top (nothing to sit on) with great views. It was about 6 miles one-way." - thesearcherextraordinaire, Sep 23, 2016
"1.9 mile, 700' gain 1-way from Granite Mountain on FR 3N90 Round Top Truck Trail. 4th peak of a 4-peak hike (Pacifico, Triple Divide, Granite, Roundtop) in the NW San Gabriel's off Angeles Forest Hwy." - BradStemm, Feb 13, 2014



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