10,381 ft / 3,164 m


2,561 ft / 780 m


37 summits

Top climbing months

June   27%

August   18%

October   13%

Most climbed route

from Carson Pass


  • The summit of Round Top is a namesake rounded mass of dark volcanic rock.
  • It is one of just 3 peaks over 10,000 feet visible from Lake Tahoe.
  • The easiest route is class 2, although the short scramble to the summit block is class 3.
"Clear skies up to the summit. Lots of lose rock on the ascent, some snow pack covering a section of the main pack trail. Used alternate trail up to base of summit climb. Dark clouds rolled in within 20 minutes of reaching the summit. Stormy conditions with some thunder and rain on the way back to Woods Lake trailhead." - PackMule, Aug 6, 2017
"This was our 3rd summit of Round top but I'm not going through inputting the others. First summit was during a winter camping/ski trip from the saddle with the sisters. Second was a winter day trip when we did the snow climb up the Crescent couloir and skied off the saddle. This time we scrambles around the Winnmuka lake around left and did the ridge traverse to the summit. Shitty rock but amazing formation and views. " - galinabean, Sep 1, 2014
"Drove up from the Bay Area in the morning and didn't hit the trail until 11:30 which is quite late for me. Easy hike up from the (temporarily closed due to lack of funds) Woods Lake CG to Round Top Lake. Got mixed in with a big group (meetup?) through the class two chute up to the west summit. Had a fun time traversing over to the east summit, crossing over the exit of the Crescent Moon Couloir. I'll be back for that one! " - edg, Oct 5, 2013
"Winter ascent of Round Top as snow covered the peaks and basins still. Lots of hungry critters around, we had to take both bear canisters and snow shoes. What a weird season! Nice little training peak, steepish snowfield and then 2-3rd class rock scramble. Like mini summit day. Very nice!" - paperpanther, Jun 25, 2011
"Easy hike to the lakes, then a straight shot to the top of Round Top, which has anything but a round top. Mosquitos were out in force, particularly by Woods lake, and we got to glissade down June snow!" - trailspotting, Jun 1, 2008



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