7,402 ft / 2,256 m


162 ft / 49 m


14 summits

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June   42%

September  14%

January   14%

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Ridge X-Country

"Starting out at Dawson Saddle, I traversed the PCT to Mt Burnham and Mt Baden-Powell. After a brief rest and snack at the summit of Baden-Powell, I proceeded down the south ridge. The marine layer was thick and I could see Ross Mountain's summit barely peaking above the clouds. I had hoped it would remain that way for me while visiting. The long descent along the ridge was an accomplishment in itself while taking roughly 2 hours to reach the summit from Baden-Powell. I passed two hikers coming from the summit of Ross. We were all surprised to see another human out there. Surprisingly, the summ" - Peak-Conquistador, May 12, 2018
"Really nice open ridge with a decent use trail on the way down. Didn't realize it was over 2.5 miles and 2000 feet down one way. I paid for it on the way back up, bonking pretty hard in the heat and running low on water. The summit proper of Ross is treed in, but the views from the ridge are awesome. It's really tucked away right in the heart of the high part of the range with amazing views back up to Baden-Powell, across to Pine Ridge, Mount Baldy, and Iron Mountain. The black flies lower down were very annoying. The climb back up to Baden-Powell and then all the way back out to Daw" - edg, Jun 18, 2016
"This was a four-peak day, starting at Dawson Saddle and ending at Vincent Gap. We hit Throop, Burnham and Baden-Powell and then headed down to Ross. Back up to Baden-Powell then down to the car shuttle we set up at Vincent Gap. Two of these peaks (Burnham and Ross) were new to me. This was an HPS hike led by the Doggetts. There were a lot of folks in the morning at Vincent Gap, and even a couple of horses, but we didn't really run into many folks on the trails. We did pass a few PCT through hikers. Ross was Jim Kidder's 100th HPS peak! It was a good day to do Ross--fairly cool, a good bit of c" - HikerMark, Jun 6, 2015
"Sub-list 14 finish. The drop off and reclimb of Baden-Powell was painful. Was surprised that the register was missing here as well, seems a pretty remote spot for someone to take it. Spent 15 minutes looking all over the summit for it to no avail." - Christopher, Sep 9, 2013



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