2,240 ft / 683 m


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June   28%

July   28%

October   28%

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Long Path

"Seven of us did a nice long hike from Lanes street in Phoenicia to the Slide mountain PA. For some folks it was their first time doing the Long Path section over Romer and Cross mountains and would put it towards their Catskill All Trails quest. With the leaves down there were nice views toward the Ashokan reservoir and the way the sun shined on it it looked more like ice rather than water. A little cairn marking the wooded summit." - Nimblefoot, Oct 28, 2017
"The three of us did an out & back hike on the new section of the Long Path to check out some new views which were fantastic and the great work the volunteers did over the last 2 yrs." - Nimblefoot, Jul 5, 2014


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