9,993 ft / 3,046 m


360 ft / 110 m


21 summits

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April   19%

March   14%

September  14%

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mahogany flats

"Left Vegas at 4am & headed to Mahogany Flats. Flew down the trail & stopped at Bennett Peak before reaching Telescope, our main goal of the day. On our way back, a few of us stopped at Rogers Peak, then took a pretty straight-forward cross-country route back to the vehicles. The trail would have been a better idea, but it would have taken longer & we wanted to see something new. After all that, we drove back to Furnace Creek for some Choco Tacos & a beer, then the long drive back to Vegas. Great daytrip!!!" - Kevin, May 19, 2012
"We camped in Mahoganey Flats and hiked in the snow towards Roger's peak that we approached but we could not quite summit, the snow was still abundant. I am not actually sure of the date, I need to find out the date and confirm the summit " - daviddiedejean, Apr 17, 2010


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