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From Giant


  • Often climbed in conjunction with Giant Mt., aka Giant of the Valley, Rocky Peak Ridge is sometimes referred to as Giant's Wife. A spectacular trail from New Russia involves eight waterless miles and 5200 feet of ascent.
"It was so humid, but by far some of the most gorgeous views and the lake was incredible--plus a great way to get more water when I ran out. It was pretty humid and I didn't get as early a start as I wanted or I would have taken the ridge over to Giant's summit for unique views, though I have already done and completed Giant (would do again on a non-busy day)." - ionahraqs, Aug 5, 2018
"So, this was the main goal of Today. A hike that took in 5 peaks, Blueberry Cobbles, Mason, Bald Peak, Rocky Peak and finally RPR. It was probably the hottest I have been on any peak on any hike to date, at one point I didn't think we'd make it. I carried a water filter and knew there was a pond near the top. I was very glad of that, because the route up from NY 9 was bone dry !! Anyway, a successful summit for 46er #13 and 29er #18 along the way (Bald Peak). The trail was beautiful, one of the best in the ADKs." - UK-Ranger, Sep 23, 2017
"As I write this 2 days after this magnificent hike, my knees still hurt a little and my right ankle is getting back into shape. This was a fantastic hike. The weather was perfect and even if we were the long weekend, surprisingly they were not that much people on this trail. I guess everybody else went for Mt Marcy. We started around 7h15am my wife and I. we left Montreal around 5h00am so we could beat the border traffic (which we did!). It was such a beautiful hike. The views we get at the different false summit (so many of them) are great. This is definitely one of my favorite hike. U" - CPaquin, Sep 2, 2017
"We continued on from the summit of Giant Mountain! We had to figured out time-wise if this was the best decision as we would have to book it in order to get back not too late to our car. We were prepared with headlamps, warm clothing, and enough water/food. Since I had previously climbed Giant a few years back and never had the chance to climb Rocky Peak Ridge because of the thunderstorm that came in, I really desired to get this challenge done. We did just that! We hiked Rocky Peak Ridge in good time. It was beautiful at the summit, and we met a few nice hikers at the top who had come from an" - Flyhighrunfast, Oct 15, 2016
"Since we had two cars this trip, and Giant was in the plan, I suggested we do the RPR traverse. We left the trailhead at around 7 Am, and made great headway up to Giant. I had climbed Giant in the winter, and was now amazed at what I recognized and what had been completely obscured with Ice. I am looking forward to comparing my photos. The descent to RPR was everything that people warned me about, but it wasn't that difficult for us. Especially knowing we wouldn't have to go back up that route. We crested RPR shorty there after for my 18th high peak. The descent down the ridge " - Kazmuglin, Jul 11, 2016



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