9,106 ft / 2,776 m


4,446 ft / 1,355 m


4 summits

Top climbing months

September  50%

July   25%

August   25%

Most climbed route

North Ridge

"Our first time over to the Blue Mountains, and what a great area. At least where we were there were more mountain goats (15 or so) than people (2). We drove up to the Twin Lakes Trailhead and made our way up to the lakes. Beautiful meadows after emerging from the forest, and the lakes themselves were fantastic. The two people we saw all day said there were trout in the lake and had been doing some fishing. Headed up the switchbacks to the Elkhorn Crest trail, right before Elkhorn Peak and made our way over to Rock Creek Butte. We cut over more on the South slope than the Southwest Ridge" - BryHong8, Jul 16, 2017


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