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Silver Creek Trail


  • Redcloud Peak is a Colorado 14er in the San Juan Mountains.
  • The mountain is named for its red color.
  • Part of the Handies group, it is usually climbed in combination with nearby 14er Sunshine Peak.
  • The most popular route is a Class 2 scree route from the Silver Creek - Grizzly Gulch trailhead.
"Camped at Grizzly Gulch, 10,500', for the weekend. Hiked Redcloud Peak via the Silvercreek and the Northeast Ridge, then across the saddle to Sunshine Peak then on around the Northwest Face for the descent. The descent from Sunshine did have some sketch. In 14ers.com there is a description; "Locate the gendarme shown in Photo #9 and hike to the gully on its left". If you look at that photo, I ended up coming down on the right. That felt more like a class 3 than a class 2! :) Anyway, I survived as did the other 4 people that I saw descend the same gully. " - Brandon-Shinsplint-, Sep 16, 2017
"Out original plan to hike Capitol Peak came to a screeching halt when a tractor trailer filled with full grown hogs overturned on I-70 closing the highway and leaving us stranded in Glenwood Canyon for four hours before being forced to turn around. We quickly came up with a plan B to hike Redcloud and Sunshine and drove as far as Gunnison before getting a cheap hotel for the night. We woke up after a couple hours of sleep and headed to the trailhead arriving just before the sun came up. The trail up to Redcloud was perfectly maintained and offered gorgeous landscapes. Definitely my favorite hi" - LGH-Tom, Sep 12, 2017
"A few inches of early season snow fell overnight starting near treeline. The air was warm and calm, melting off most of the snow by the time I had returned from Sunshine. The views of Uncompahgre and Wetterhorn were amazing." - WaxDr, Aug 28, 2016
"CO 14er #28. Nice clear night, plenty of moonlight, very little wind, not very cold. Began hiking standard route at 7:30pm. Peaked Redcloud at 9:45pm, continued to Sunshine and peaked that at 10:35pm. Finished hike at 1:20am on the 17th." - Globetrotter87, Aug 16, 2013
"Climbed with Lindsay Matush( St. Lewis). Roundtrip 7:20, not bad for flat-landers( S.A. Tx.) At summit clouds were gathering and snow accompanied our decent....too cool! Had our first look at Uncompahgre. Maybe next year?" - danamann, Sep 25, 2011



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