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Commonwealth Basin Trail

Class 2 • 2,823 ft / 860 m gain
"I attained Red Mountain on a very hazy day due to wildfire smoke from B.C. The hike up the Commonwealth Trail is fine and beautiful. I replenished my water (2 qts) at Red Pond and headed up a clear bootpath that lies between a campsite and the little path down to the pond. Going up Red is interesting, but slow and cumbersome. Lots of loose rock, and you have to be careful not to lose the "trail" in 2-3 places. It's about 45 degrees most of the way. The summit is very nice, lots of deeply stained orange and red rock (iron oxide). The views in all directions are spectacular, even with the" - markgarrett, Aug 2, 2017
"After attempting to summit Red Mountain two weeks ago and falling short, we decided to give it another go. Many of the same conditions existed (closed parking lot, parts of the trail iced over), but fortunately the creek/waterfall crossing right before the Commonwealth Basin Trail forks from the PCT had much less water and did not have the ice covered rocks that it did before. While there was more snow in some places from the recent snowfall, other parts of the trail were more snow-free than before. It's still a bit tricky navigating through Commonwealth Basin, but our experience from two week" - BryHong8, Mar 7, 2015
"After several great day hikes off the Mountain Loop Highway, we decided to look for a good snow hike on the I-90 Corridor. After reading trail reports for Snow and Gem Lake, we figured that Commonwealth Basin and Red Mountain would provide us with what we were looking for. The trailhead for the Pacific Crest Trail is blocked off, so park in the Snoqualmie West parking lot and walk under the freeway and up the road to the parking lot for the PCT. The trail starts out very icy near the lot and then clears up and is snow free for a good mile before icing up again on the long straight stretch head" - BryHong8, Feb 22, 2015
"Rainy, foggy, wet, soaked. A summit view into a fog bank. Lost the faint climbers path going up and scrambled up wet ledges. Lost it again going down. Only had a brief window to be out so pushed it a bit despite the slick conditions. RT in 3hr15min. " - scott, Sep 7, 2013
"A nice hike. The parking lot was full but I did not see to many people on the trail. I stayed off of the PCT and took the Commonwealth Creek trail. My GPS was at 6.8 round trip" - JakeRC, Aug 3, 2013



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