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"I went on a scramble with the Mountaineers up Red Mountain (the one north of Cle Elum). From NF-46 there is a clearly marked trailhead, but after a little while, the trail is hard to follow. We crossed another minor forest road, and then continued straight up the ridge to the summit. This ridge had a lot of pink plastic tape markers. There is plenty of snow toward the top, and it is moderately steep, so snowshoes were essential. Probably typical for November, the snow was only 8 inches deep, wet and loose, so we had to contend with whatever rocky surface was on the ground under the snow. " - markgarrett, Nov 28, 2018
"Snow shoed all the way up. It would be a terrible trip if you don't use snow shoes. Snow was powdery with a thin icy crust on the top. Long day hike. We had to park on the road where 46 turns off to go over the bridge. We walked the 46 road to the trailhead 1330 once we were 200 feet past the trail marker we were unable to locate the trail due to the fresh snow. So.... we made are own . The weather was perfect the view is amazing 360*. Well worth the hike in. We left the car at 8AM and returned at 5PM. " - rebecca1, Jan 24, 2013
"While most of Washington was at home watching the playoff game, I decided to tackle Red Mountain near Salmon La Sac. I failed to reach this summit last spring after a long loop from Thorp Mountain, and a few weeks ago due to deep powder and a lack of snowshoes. Third time is the charm. The thermometer in my car read 5 degrees when I parked on Salmon La Sac road where it meets Road 46. The Forest road was recently groomed for winter recreation and closed to wheeled vehicles, which added 2 miles to the round trip but at least snowshoes were not necessary for the road walk. There was not a clo" - Jeb, Jan 13, 2013



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