2,008 ft / 612 m


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June   15%

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August   12%

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Red Hill Trail

"Quick trip to burn some calories after an 'Anniversary' breakfast for two friends. Great example of early eighteenth century stone work in the cellar hole along the trail. Those old Yankee farmers were something else!! Up the Red Hill Trail, down the Cabin Trail.. Great views from the fire tower." - goshen-bagger, Jul 29, 2017
"First hike up Eagle Cliff and Red Hill with a couple friends of mine. Parked one car at Red Hill, second car at Eagle Cliff. Fire tower with great views in all directions. It was a very windy day!" - gullyhiker, Apr 29, 2017
"After doing a loop hike of the five bumps of Mount Cardigan I stopped off and visited the Red Hill fire tower on my way back to West Ossipee. Warm and humid day, time for a swim or at least a few chilled beverages." - Nimblefoot, Aug 28, 2016
"Trail was in very good shape. Very dry with no water in site. I think the "modest accent" as described by my hiking guide was a little short of the actual trek. It was definitely a steady elevation gain that I could feel the whole way up. The view from the fire tower was very nice, but I must say the stairs going up having a little wiggle to them was slightly unnerving." - HikeLikeMike, Aug 30, 2015
"Took the Red Hill Trail. The lower portion has been rerouted and is well marked. The Fire Lookout Tower stairs are just as rickety as ever and some of the planks are a bit loose but it was worth the climb up for the views." - StoneMan, Jun 13, 2015



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