1,293 ft / 394 m


719 ft / 219 m


14 summits

Top climbing months

July   26%

January   20%

September  20%

Most climbed route

Rattlesnake Mountain Trail

"Finally some nice weather. Deb and I decided to do a couple of short scenic hikes today, Rattlesnake and Owls Head were just what we wanted. Quick hikes plus an enjoyable drive, a little work and great views on both." - hbotc, Apr 2, 2017
"I've hiked this one many times. It's a great story hike for kids to give them a taste of hiking or a "warm up" hike. I've taken my 3-legged Boston up many times. Only downside to this beautiful little hike is that it's loaded with ticks. Make sure you take precautions. " - psychobettie77, Sep 29, 2015


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