984 ft / 300 m


6 summits

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March   28%

May   28%

February   14%

Most climbed route

Bri-Mar Trail

"Rain threatened but held off. Trail is wide throughout, but there are many forks off it which can be confusion. Most downed trees blocking the trail as I have ever seen on a hike; many seemed to have been there for a long time. " - Badgerinmaine, Aug 4, 2014
"Went out on Maple Sunday to meet up with friends to enjoy some time at one of the maple houses. We stopped at 2 places. They were both very packed so at the second place just got some maple cotton candy and maple popcorn. While on our way back to OOB tvanrosendael and myself decided to do our first hike of spring. It was a nice hike with very little snow. The weather also made for a great hike, and the views along the way were worth the trip." - ndewitt84, Mar 24, 2013
"Out for Maine Maple Sunday and decided to do a last minuet hike up Rattlesnake Mountain. Great hike on a beautiful spring day. A pretty short hike, not too steep and the snow wasnt too deep! The veiws from the summit were great. Sebego lake and the white mountains. " - tvanrosendael, Mar 24, 2013


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