3.1 mi total


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557 ft gain


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Went out early to beat the heat. (When will it end?! Ugh!) Parked to the NNW on the Lava Butte Road at an obvious pullout where there is lots of trash. Fair warning, people use this pullout to shoot at stuff & then they leave it. It's pretty nasty. Despite this, once you get back off the road, it's very nice. From the pullout, I walked up the road a little further to an atv trail. I headed ESE to a spur atv trail that heads up between this peak & an obvious pinnacle. From the saddle between these, I headed directly east up the ridge. Did a loop over this one & out the ridge toward Pauleen over a volcanic bump in the middle that is about as high (or higher?). Looped back around & traversed the lower part of the ridge below here, descended off the end to the atv trail which I followed back to the road. This atv trail through the valley is not on maps.This area is very pretty. Sadly, they are considering putting a highway through here.

Route to summit

Unknown route


routefinding, rockfall/loose rock

Key gear

trekking poles