1,280 ft / 390 m


1,070 ft / 326 m


12 summits

Top climbing months

April   41%

July   16%

September  16%

"Took the summit from the opposite side of the mountain from my previous climb. Started from the Camden Snow Bowl using the Coastal Mountains Land Trust's trail network. Great hike!" - mikewilliamsjr, Apr 24, 2017
"Awesome small mountain. Mostly flatland hiking for the first 1.5 miles from the route 17 trailhead. The trail then starts to climb to get up on top of the ledges and eventually to the top. There are a series of false summits with progressively improving views as you go. I would think I had reached the best spot, would hike on a little further, and come to another awesome view. I was surprisingly exhausted the next day, so it must have taken more out of me than it felt like it did at the time." - mikewilliamsjr, Apr 14, 2017
"Great day for a hike! Six four legged friends and nine two legged friends. We took the trail from Hope Street, the Thorndike Brook Trail. The views today were outstanding. If you should happen along this trail keep your eyes peeled for the town line marker about twenty feet off the trail, the granite post is marked with a C on one side and an R on the other. we didn't notice it on the way up the trail but we spotted it off to the right on the way down. Happy trails!" - bwright, Apr 16, 2016
"Great day for a hike, spring has finally arrived. Lots of hikers & canines on this beautiful spring day day. 1st hike of the year that I didn't have to wear ice cleats, crampons or creepers and too early for black flies. PERFECT!!!!" - mary.wright.35977, Apr 16, 2016
"Gorgeous hike--one of the prettiest I have ever been on. Blueberries were past peak but got to have some. Many great views from ledges. Got confused doing the loop when we came to a large cairn on one of the ledges--it wasn't clear that we had to turn right and it took us some false starts to figure that out. " - Badgerinmaine, Aug 29, 2013



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