7.6 mi to summit

13.4 mi total


8,004 ft start

11,555 ft max


4,452 ft gain


5 hr 52 min to summit

11 hr 45 min total

This was part of our LVMC (Las Vegas Mountaineers Club) trip to Great Basin National Park. We started with 6 people - myself, K2, Amber, Laurie, Jessica and David. We hiked up Baker Creek Trail to Baker Lake, then made our way to the Pyramid/Johnson saddle. At this point, Jessica and David headed up to Pyramid Peak, since that was their only goal for the day. Amber, K2, Laurie and myself headed up to Johnson Peak. I headed over to Quartzite Peak while K2 napped. Amber & Laurie headed back to the Pyramid/Johnson saddle. When I got back to Johnson Peak from Quartzite, K2 was up and we headed to the saddle as well. Amber decided that she was going to skip the other peaks and hike out with Jessica and David. Laurie went up to Pyramid, then caught up with Amber, Jessica and David at Baker Lake; they all hiked out together. K2 and I went up to Pyramid Peak, then traversed the ridge down and back up to False Pyramid. This is where it got hairy - we descended off of the peak towards the east, down the steepest, most unconsolidated boulder field ever. It was exhausting and emotionally draining. We finally reached the South Fork Baker Creek Trail and hiked that back to the cars. We got to the trailhead about 45 minutes after the other group.


routefinding, stream crossing, bushwhacking, rockfall/loose rock

Key gear

GPS device