5,814 ft / 1,772 m


2,293 ft / 698 m


23 summits

Top climbing months

March   30%

November   21%

April   13%

Most climbed route

South ridge

"6/9 HPS peaks in Joshua Tree National Park over a long weekend. Pleasant cross-country hike across the valley floor, up a gully, and over to the summit. Encountered two sleeping coyotes (they woke up), a black-tailed jack rabbit, and and owl. With Mount Minerva Hoyt." - klotito, Feb 14, 2015
"Was not expecting much since everything went wrong right in the Morning. Did not find my Meetup Group and not having proper route description or notes. So still pleased at the end of the Day to have managed to climb three Peak on my own. Climbed Mount Minerva Hoyt before continuing to Quail, and had climbed Malapai Hill in the Morning" - Nuernberger, Dec 27, 2014
"Started off around 9AM from the road between Hidden Valley and Juniper Flats. Accidentally climbed the false summit of 5405' and realized it once we false summited. Ate lunch behind a rock and suddenly found ourselves in a serious snowstorm! About 6 waves of snow came, completely coating the Joshua Trees and Yuccas all the way back to the car. Truly an amazing contrast with the desert surrounding. The conditions were near whiteout and we had trouble finding where we parked on the road to get back to our car." - Christopher, Mar 18, 2012



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