8,225 ft / 2,506 m


5,583 ft / 1,701 m


6 summits

Top climbing months

April   44%

May   22%

September  22%

Most climbed route

Mnimata - Vathia Laka - Pyramida

Class 2 • 3,917 ft / 1,194 m gain
"We climbed the summit of Giona with a friend of mine starting from Kaloskopi. We had to postpone the ascent due to bad weather conditions, sleeping low in the forest in the meanwhile. Due to the tempest, despite being May, there was a lot of snow on the peak. Absolutely great trip. Trip story, photos, videos and map: http://www.variouscuriousstuff.com/2017/05/24/climbing-mount-giona-the-highest-mountain-of-southern-greece/ General info about the mountain and ascent directions in the Greek language: http://www.variouscuriousstuff.com/2017/05/25/%CE%B3%CE%BA%CE%B9%CF%8E%CE%BD%CE%B1-%CE%B5%CE" - DimitriosFan, May 18, 2017



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