14,025 ft / 4,275 m


1,638 ft / 499 m


24 summits

Top climbing months

August   44%

July   33%

June   7%

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Northeast Ridge


  • Pyramid Peak is a Colorado 14er in the Elk Mountains.
  • The summit somewhat resembles a ragged square pyramid and is visible from the Roaring Fork River valley north of Aspen along the canyon of Maroon Creek.
  • Like many of the peaks in the Elks, Pyramid Peak is quite steep. The peak's summit rises 4,000 feet above Crater Lake in only 1.2 miles.
  • The standard climbing route on Pyramid involves difficult route finding, high exposure, and a great deal of loose rock.
  • Hence it is one of the most difficult and dangerous of all of the standard routes on the Colorado fourteeners.
"This is the most difficult Colorado 14er we've done according to my fiancee and I would agree. The approach through the talus field and steep slope to the ridge are tiring but pretty straight forward. I found my excitement level increase once we started moving through the summit ridge and had a blast scrambling through the loose but all there terrain to the top. I imagine the first accent must have been somewhat epic in 1909. " - Yosemike, Aug 18, 2013
"Fresh powder snow made this the most dangerous 14er I've ever done. Pyramid is steep and dry tooling with a mountain axe can get a little dicy. The descent had some exciting slides above short cliffs too. " - ChrisMeloche, Oct 10, 1998



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