9,983 ft / 3,042 m


2,606 ft / 794 m


41 summits

Top climbing months

July   21%

October   19%

August   16%

Most climbed route

Rocky creek Trail off Highway 50

4,037 ft / 1,230 m gain
"I took the Rocky Canyon Route. It was pretty steep hiking the whole way. The forecast showed strong winds moving in for the day but they weren't too bad until I hit the treeline, then they were horrendous! My legs were feeling every bit of the elevation gain and started cramping up around the same time I hit the treeline. The freezing 60 MPH crosswind made getting to the top that much harder, I could barely keep my balance trying to hop around the car sized boulders. I finally summited and took a rest behind the wind break to try and warm up. Up top it was howling!! I only stayed up top" - Sledhead29, Oct 19, 2017
"Climbed up Rocky Creek trail on a hot day. Encountered snow around 8,500 feet but it was melted away about 0.4 miles from the summit. We diverted from the trail to avoid some steepness in the snow on the way up. T-shirt weather the whole way, even with the wind across 0.2 mile rock hopping to the top. Saw a family of marmots (3) while at the top and eating lunch. Easy stream crossing, but rocks were a little under water on the return, due to higher temperatures and more runoff later in the day." - TCH, Jul 8, 2017
"Hiked Pyramid Peak, 9,983’ via Rocky Canyon trail with SMC. 7 others made this trip. Great group of guys. Summit Post provides the details on getting to the trailhead and the trail information.Stats:Up times – 3.8 miles, 4100’ 3:59 hrs./mins.Total times – 7.5 miles, 7:49 hrs./min.Fantastic views from the top! Must do again hike!!! Fall trip with snow around the 7600’ level. hard packed so, no snow shoes required. This is a 22.7% grade up to the top in 3.8 miles. For those that are familiar with Mission Peak (Fremont) via Stanford it is 13.9% grade in 3 miles. However, this trail head " - mj3920, Nov 4, 2016
"Overall 10.7 miles/~4400" in ~10 hr and 45 minutes with ~1 hr break on Pyramid Peak and 10 minutes in Lake Aloha. It should be able to finish in ~7 to 8 hours for experienced hikers. Started ~9:40am from Twin Bridge Parking Lot. It was a little scary to hike along I50 from parking lot to Rocky Canyon Trailhead for ~0.8 miles in ~20 minutes. 10:00am at Rocky Canyon entrance reached one sub-peak after ~4.1 miles or 3.3 miles on Rocky Canyon Trail. It is ~0.6 miles to Pyramid Peak which took me ~1 hr. Arrived Pyramid Peak at ~1:40am, ~4 hours for ~4.7 miles and ~4200". 360' views were pr" - keung, Sep 5, 2016
"Have been working hard on the new peakery... and by now peaks have gone to my brain. So made a last minute daytrip up to Tahoe to "cure" this sickness. My goal was to climb Pyramid, check out the Desolation Wilderness, and if everything came into place do a traverse of the Crystal Range over Agassiz and Mt Price. After early am departure from SF, by 8am had found the Rocky Creek Trail approach with no difficulty and minutes later was feeling my heartrate surge with the bit of altitude and steep route. Caught the first glimpse of Pyramid about an hour later at 8100 ft... didn't seem too " - scott, Sep 18, 2015



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