9,983 ft / 3,043 m


2,606 ft / 794 m


48 summits

Top climbing months

July   30%

October   16%

August   16%

Most climbed route

Rocky creek Trail off Highway 50

4,037 ft / 1,230 m gain
"Departed Falling Leaf Lake (Stanford Sierra Camp) at 3:30 AM, reaching the summit of Pyramid Peak at 8:30 AM via the "East" Ridge route. Rocks were frosty and slippery on the shaded side of the mountain. Backtracked and crossed the PCT to tag Kieths Dome. Went south to Ralston Peak, reaching the top at 12:30 PM, then over to Echo Peak at about 2:15. I attempted to follow the ridge to Indian Rock and Angora Peak, but my legs were wasted and it appeared to be more of a class 3 or 4 scramble than the "trail" denoted on Caltopo. I turned back and counted myself grateful for the sunny November day " - TynanRammGranberg, Nov 1, 2018
"As soon as you get on the trail it is an uphill climb to the peak. The peak itself is a pile of boulders so be prepared to scramble, climb, and rock hop up to the summit. Nice views one you get to the top. " - firesoren90, Jul 4, 2018
"This is not a peak to be taken lightly...it kicks ass! The hike to the base of the peak, is through the green forest, along a nice creek. When you come out of this and look up, the peak seems like it's miles away. It's not, keep following the trail and the cairns, and you'll arrive at the pile of large stones. Once you hit this, you'll start the scramble up to the top. I didn't see any specific route, and made my way over the stones I could (being 5' 2", I'm selective on what to scramble up). Once you hit the top, enjoy the view and accomplishment. There are rock made walls that provide" - colleenmarie512, Jul 4, 2018
"I took the Rocky Canyon Route. It was pretty steep hiking the whole way. The forecast showed strong winds moving in for the day but they weren't too bad until I hit the treeline, then they were horrendous! My legs were feeling every bit of the elevation gain and started cramping up around the same time I hit the treeline. The freezing 60 MPH crosswind made getting to the top that much harder, I could barely keep my balance trying to hop around the car sized boulders. I finally summited and took a rest behind the wind break to try and warm up. Up top it was howling!! I only stayed up top" - Sledhead29, Oct 19, 2017
"Climbed up Rocky Creek trail on a hot day. Encountered snow around 8,500 feet but it was melted away about 0.4 miles from the summit. We diverted from the trail to avoid some steepness in the snow on the way up. T-shirt weather the whole way, even with the wind across 0.2 mile rock hopping to the top. Saw a family of marmots (3) while at the top and eating lunch. Easy stream crossing, but rocks were a little under water on the return, due to higher temperatures and more runoff later in the day." - TCH, Jul 8, 2017



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