7,035 ft / 2,144 m


275 ft / 84 m


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January   36%

September  18%

November   18%

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"Despite just visiting Little Desert, Pyramid Peak seemed like the first true summit of the day. The conical summit sits off the PCT, which requires a steep scramble off the trail. I found a rock cairn below the summit while still on the PCT. I took this to represent the use trail to the summit. My instincts were proven correct, as cairns continued all the way up the slope. I found the benchmark and was surprised with the name "Morris" on the benchmark. At first I thought I was on a different peak, but subsequent research made it clear to me that this was indeed Pyramid Peak. From there I conti" - Peak-Conquistador, Nov 10, 2017
"Sierra Club hike, 1.3 miles from Lion Peak(6,871') w/300' gain on PCT and access trails. Descent to cars was 3.6 miles w/1,600' loss from Pyramid Peak on PCT and Cedar Springs switchback trail." - BradStemm, Sep 26, 2014
"This was a hike with the SoCal Hike and Peakbag 4 Season Hikes group, led by Jill G. Great, fun group! Pyramid was the first peak of a 3-peak day, to be followed by Pine and Lion." - HikerMark, Jan 25, 2014



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