1,657 ft / 505 m

#759 in Vermont

#54,832 in United States


286 ft / 87 m

#78 in Vermont

#7,266 in United States


14 summits

#63 in Vermont

#1,521 in United States

Top climbing months

April   14%

October   14%

May   14%

Most climbed route

The Ridge Trail


  • Putney Mountain is in Windmill Ridge Nature Preserve.
  • Panoramic views cover ski areas at Bromley, Snow and Stratton Mountains, as well as the wind farm at Searsburg which is 30 miles away.
  • Ridge contains rock that was once ocean bottom. The summit rock of Putney contains small garnets.
  • Thousands of raptors are seen during the Fall Hawk Watch from the summit of Putney. The ridge is also an important north-south route for the movement of medium and large mammals.