7,858 ft / 2,395 m


5 summits

Top climbing months

June   40%

July   40%

May   20%

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West Ridge

"Day started out bluebird and warm...with the warm Spring and permit system coming into effect on Monday...it was probably the busiest day ever on Prusik. Climbing was really good (sort of like Pigeon Spire just shorter). But instead of doing it in 2 hrs...we took 10 hrs waiting on numerous parties ahead of us on each pitch (and more than 10 parties behind us)...Seattle Mtn Club 3 parties of 2 were ahead of us...they even used a prusik at one point on the upper pitch! First pitch went right and up to top. Traversed the ridge and up the slab which was more like a series of face moves for abou" - alexjoseph, Jun 13, 2015


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