4,892 ft / 1,491 m


3,225 ft / 983 m


8 summits

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September  25%

"Must be a fifth highest peak in Czech Republic. By prominence must be the second. It is also highest in Moravia. There is TV tower, restaurant and hotel on the top. If that's the target, then it's possible drive to the top. However there are few more paths. Navigation showed me most direct trail. However i found that it's closed. Too late, i was not willing to go back kilometer or so.. So i just made it. Anyway, nothing complicated, some T1 grade valley walk.. Thats also highest and most prominent peak in my 29.5 km hike today. "Praděd" stands for "Grand Grandfather". Not so far away there is " - Deividas, Jun 13, 2013
"We took advantage of a long bank holiday weekend and began our hike in Karlova Studánka, following the Bílá Opava river up to the peak. The hiking season had still not officially started and in places, snow blanketed our path. The last part of the walk to the mast was on asphalt. We then went down via Divoký důl (the 'Wild Valley') and Dlouhé stráně reservoir to the nearest bus stop. A fun walk, made slightly challenging by clambering over snow!" - isabellehatfield, May 7, 2012



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