2,005 ft / 611 m


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Fire Warden's trail

"Beautiful Spring day for a hike. This is one of my favorite local hikes. It's a great practice hike for getting in shape and is close by. The fire wardens trail is great because you follow the stream and with the snow gone it was very nice. High temp in the 60's but broke a sweat, again good practice for layers and testing gear for some bigger hikes. The summit was pretty crowded but the views are rewarding. Despite being slippery on the way down it was a pretty uneventful hike, trail is in good shape and well marked. " - tvanrosendael, May 18, 2014
"We hiked the fire warden trail for a second time. This was our first spring hike. The sun was warm and snow still deep but packed well enough to walk on top. A few times we went to our knees or a bit deeper than that. Great hike with blue sky above. Took longer than usual to get to the top. Good exercise for the day. We got off the trail a few times as we had followed were the snowmobiles went. Climbed the tower ladder for a few pictures above some trees. Stayed about 45 minutes on the summit before our quick hike back down the trail. It only took about 40 minutes compared to the 2.5 hours to " - ndewitt84, Mar 29, 2014
"Great day for a spring hike. Second time up the Fire warden's Trail, 45 degrees and sunny on the way up about 2.5 hours to summit. Beautiful spring day! Trail was mostly hard packed with snow but every once in a wile we would sink knee deep in the snow. Great day out and a good work out for the first hike of spring. Clouds rolled in on the summit after about 45 minutes taking in the views. This is a great mountain to get into hiking and the views were great of Mount Washington. Will be back to try the other trails from moose pond." - tvanrosendael, Mar 29, 2014
"What a great day for a hike. The weather could not have been any better. The views were spectacular. We went up and down the Southwest Ridge trail. and we had great views up and back down. The wind was coming out of the west so it was chilly in a few spots along the trail, but as usual we had extra layers. There were both large and small groups on the trail today, and several dogs. This seems to be a very popular hike to take kids and dogs on. The fire tower was is good shape, however there was what appeared to be a roof hatch on the ground. 5.8 miles round trip, easy trail to follow, and all " - bwright, Nov 3, 2013
"Our second mountain hike of the Spring. This was a nice hike. A little windy at the top but overall a nice hike. Only thing that could have been better is if the haze around the distant mountains weren't there for better pictures. A must do again hike when its warmer and leaves are on the trees." - ndewitt84, Apr 5, 2013


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