7,057 ft / 2,151 m


294 ft / 90 m


6 summits

Top climbing months

January   50%

April   16%

September  16%

Most climbed route


"Sierra Club hike 4-peak traverse, 2 miles 1-way w/800' gain from Little Desert Peak(6,868') on PCT and peak access trail. Led by Bruce C, George C, Pat V, Wayne B, Pat A + hikers Bill J and Richard A. Maintained, unmaintained trail, bushwack and scrambling req'd near summit! " - BradStemm, Sep 26, 2014
"My first attempt to summit Pine a few weeks earlier proved to be a disaster--I thought I'd be spending the night on the mountain--so this was sweet redemption for me. The hike was led by Jill G. of SoCal Hike and Peakbag 4 Season Hikes, and it was certainly helpful to hike with someone who knew where she was going. The trail was a good bit clearer than it had been earlier in the month, so thank you to whoever did the clipping and trail marking. I could also easily see the two major spots where I had gone astray before, and I didn't feel like a total idiot: there were two turns that weren't exa" - HikerMark, Jan 25, 2014
"This is the most challenging of the three peaks in this area of the divide, with the key being to follow the cairns religiously. Climbed the named and HPS recognized summit, also with a nice block, although the true highest point is an enormous upright boulder detached from the summit with a solid 5th class rating." - Christopher, Jan 25, 2014



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