7,848 ft / 2,392 m


4,090 ft / 1,247 m


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October   37%

May   25%

July   25%

Most climbed route

Forest Road 651

"No style points for this one. Rain in the morning with threat of monsoons in the afternoon resulted in the decision to drive most of the way up before hiking along the summit ridgeline between Pinal and Signal. Complete TR: https://TheMtsAreCalling.com/pinal" - Christopher, Jul 10, 2018
"Did a "reverse" hike. Parked on the ridge line off of FR651 at the Upper Icehouse trailhead. Then hiked down Icehouse canyon to enjoy the majestic fall colors, then up Telephone to Sixshooter to Ferndell then up the road to the actual summit. Views were better than I expected up there, especially West. Walked down FR651 to the truck. We saved Signal Peak for another trip!" - Gabsolute, Oct 29, 2017
"My brother and I drove up early from Gilbert and we hiked up the Ice House Canyon road/ trail to the forest road on top. We went the mile across the top to Pinal peak first, then came back and did Signal peak, then returned the same way down. Round trip was about 11 miles, and elevation gain somewhere around 3200-3400 ft. I used to live in Globe, the town below the mountain, but never made it to the summit then. It was great to reach the top 24 years later!" - ZachTeich, Jul 9, 2016
"This was a successful hike to the summit on my 41st birthday! I carried a load (~35lbs) to the top in preparation for Peru. This was a fairly difficult climb with the weight. We made good time and had a great day. I hiked with Rich and his buddy, Todd. Views from the to were very nice of the surrounding desert." - darinwilson, May 14, 2016
"Nice and easy Hiking Day today after a long one yesterday. Drove up the Service Road most of the way. Finally have this Peak in the Book after I had tried earlier in the year but got nowhere with too much Snow on the Ground. " - Nuernberger, May 10, 2016


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