4,138 ft / 1,261 m

#2,316 in Oregon

#35,256 in United States


468 ft / 143 m

#144 in Oregon

#5,327 in United States


34 summits

#7 in Oregon

#759 in United States

Top climbing months

August   23%

June   20%

January   14%

Most climbed route

the trail that winds its way around the cone

1.9 mi • 435 ft gain


  • Pilot Butte is an extinct volcano located in Bend, Oregon.
  • A cinder cone which rises nearly 500 feet above the surrounding plains.
  • Lies in the 100-acre Pilot Butte State Scenic Viewpoint and is a popular hiking destination.
  • A trail -- and also a scenic road -- wind up and around the cone to the summit.
  • From the top the entire city of Bend is visible as well as several major Cascade peaks, most prominent of which are the Three Sisters, Broken Top, and Mount Bachelor located about 20 miles to the west.
  • Test your resolve in the annual Pilot Butte Challenge run to the top.
10 summits • 1.9 mi • 435 ft gain • 34 min