4,138 ft / 1,261 m


468 ft / 143 m


17 summits

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August   29%

January   23%

April   17%


  • Pilot Butte is an extinct volcano located in Bend, Oregon.
  • A cinder cone which rises nearly 500 feet above the surrounding plains.
  • Lies in the 100-acre Pilot Butte State Scenic Viewpoint and is a popular hiking destination.
  • A trail -- and also a scenic road -- wind up and around the cone to the summit.
  • From the top the entire city of Bend is visible as well as several major Cascade peaks, most prominent of which are the Three Sisters, Broken Top, and Mount Bachelor located about 20 miles to the west.
  • Test your resolve in the annual Pilot Butte Challenge run to the top.
"Weather today was very cool at about 45 degrees. Summited with my sis in law and her 4 crazy kids! My wife and kids joined as well... We decided to take the trail up instead of the road, as we usually do. The cooler weather kept a lot of locals off the butte. The tourists take the road so I'd recommend hitting the trail instead. Good, fun, short hike!!" - Icculus, Apr 26, 2015
"Very rough approximate date. Was very sick. Took nearly a month of trying to get to the top and then someone had to give me a ride down. Still have the same illness but in June of 2011 I went to the top and back over 200 times. Most times to the top in a single day for me is 16. This is a great hike for exercise and training purposes. Lots of friendly regular hikers, many who hike it daily. There are now two trails to the top, one around the base, and a 1/3 mile paved loop that is flat for hikers who can't handle regular trails. That all makes this an excellent place for both hiking an" - bearsnob, Jun 1, 2000



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