14,115 ft / 4,302 m

#41 in Colorado

#78 in United States


5,530 ft / 1,686 m

#2 in Colorado

#68 in United States


270 summits

#3 in Colorado

#66 in United States

Top climbing months

August   23%

July   23%

June   18%

Most climbed route

Barr Trail

Class 1


  • Pikes Peak is a famous Colorado 14er in the Front Range. Much of its fame is due to its location along the eastern edge of the Rockies, serving as a visible landmark far into the Great Plains.
  • The standard Class 1 route is the 13 mile Barr Trail from Manitou Springs, the annual route of the daunting Pikes Peak Marathon.
  • Don't expect solitude at the summit -- an auto road and cog railway (now defunct) bring bevies of tourists to the elaborate summit building.
  • Drivers race up the road in a famous annual race called the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.
  • For purists, look for the actual summit in the middle of a talus field beside the parking lot.
11 summits • 13.3 mi • 4,199 ft gain • 8 hr 14 min
1 summit • 14.2 mi • 3,795 ft gain • 8 hr 25 min