11,598 ft / 3,535 m


57 ft / 17 m


28 summits

Top climbing months

July   50%

August   23%

June   6%

Most climbed route

South Spur


  • Sub-peak of Mt Adams
"Intended to do a one-day climb to Mt. Adams, but my trip fell short due to suffering from some major altitude sickness starting at 10,000+ ft. I took breaks and forced myself to continue up, made it past Pikers Peak and was at the edge of the true summit before turning back. Once I saw that last steep slope to the true summit, my dreams became to fade. Plus, I was already dehydrated, exhausted, feeling ill, and starving (my hiking partner aka some bf of mine left me hours ago and had my lunch with him, that means I didn't even get to have a lunch!) Anyway, I felt pleased that I managed to get " - aimk13, Aug 4, 2012


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