5,144 ft / 1,568 m


1,541 ft / 470 m


Murcia, Spain


2 summits

Top climbing months

March   75%

December   25%

Most climbed route

La Carrasca Trail

"Today I went back to Pedro Lopez Peak in Sierra Espuña with Elvira. We went up in the afternoon and we were surprised to see some snow and a lot of vultures, two photos try to capture them but they are very fast." - franciscobirruezo, Mar 18, 2017
"Last weekend it rained 200 mm here. Today I went to the National Reserve of Sierra Espuña. Climbing Pedro Lopez Peak I have seen "arruis" and snow. Take La Carrasca trail from "Collado Bermejo" in Sierra Espuña. The note says Wonderful Peakery." - franciscobirruezo, Dec 24, 2016


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