"Sunday 28th January 2018. The first day of a two-day trek on Pico del Teide 3718m, Tenerife, Canary Islands. From the Teide National Hotel at 2150m by route 19 to Montaña Blanca car park, then by route 7 to the Altavista Refuge at 3260m. 12.9km, with 1250m of ascent and 140m of descent. 6hrs 45mins. At 3718m, Pico del Teide, on the island of Tenerife, is the highest mountain in Spain and its dominions - over-topping Mulhacén, the highest mountain on the Spanish mainland, by nearly 240 metres. The peak is a stratovolcano, formed from around 160,000 years ago (very recent, in geologica" - marktrengove, Jan 29, 2018
"Hiked from the Montana Blanca car park Sunday afternoon up to Altavista. 5 am wake up to summit for the sun rise. 'Twas cold and windy...and altitude was definitely a factor. Absolutely worth it. " - scottheaney, Mar 9, 2015
"Första av många berg som skall bestigas. Så varför inte börja med ett högt. Tog och sov över på vandrarhemmet på toppen, rekommenderar starkt. Den natt himlen och både sol uppgång och solnedgången är svår att slå." - patrikottvar, Dec 17, 2014
"I started from the TF21 road and having reached the upper station I waited for my wife Sarah and the two children Laura and Celine. They took the cable car. I had to wait for them about 45 minutes. From there we climbed together to the top. At that time, being about 6 hours on that tour, I got a splitting headache. After the descent with the cable car I felt much better within half an hour. After all a wonderful tour and my first experience with a slight altitude sickness." - LordOfStars, Oct 9, 2013
"I took a number of panorama pictures, 26 of which became a part of my virtual tour "Solo tracking and Climbing Caldera las Canadas - Pico del Teide" http://www.360-vr.net/teide.php" - 360-vr, Feb 28, 2012



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