11,423 ft / 3,482 m


10,777 ft / 3,285 m


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August   22%

May   18%

July   13%

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offroad from Trevelez

"Also climbed Pico del Veleta (3396m), La Puerts (3147m) and Pico de Loma Pelada (3183m). For photos and more informations (in German) see: http://www.hikr.org/tour/post114611.html" - Sputnik, Oct 31, 2016
"Mulhacén is the highest mountain in the Iberian Peninsula (3468m), it's part of Sierra Nevada. It's not a difficult peak so can be climbed in a single day. My group arrived on the Friday night at Hoya del Portillo where we spent a night bivouacking. First time on Saturday morning we started the hike, and we reached the summit at 6pm without problem, walking quitly, our goal was to enjoy the hike. We decided to sleep in the bare shelter at Caldera to the west. Small shelter and many people so we had to sleep on the floor again. Next day, we came back at Hoya del Portillo in the noon and" - cristinaduran, Jul 16, 2014
"One of those nice mountainstrips we made in the Sierra Nevada. We started from Guejar Sierra along la veredera de las estrellas with Greet, Rene, Tessa, Jack. Jack, a dutch girl and me continued hiking up Mulhacen." - cvandaele, Jul 3, 2004



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