1,089 ft / 332 m


1,082 ft / 330 m


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April   37%

August   25%

May   12%

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"Day 3 of Peak Week, thought I'd just redo this one. So what I noticed is, if you want to get attacked by seagulls, make sure to go there during May/June in the middle of the period where younglings are born... Like I dead the first time.... This time it was just much more peaceful and didn't have any bird problem." - Bryan-Mestre, Aug 3, 2016
"Kind of a mess of a mountain, the first part is all paved then you go through the tunnel and there's a gate. Locked and they don't even explain why... I jumped it and well, it's very slippery full of seagulls that get very aggressive because they are protecting their young-lings. The road isn't really marked or anything there're some red spots you're supposed to follow... Overall it's a fun hike that takes a minimum of skills, make sure to get a good pair of shoes. " - Bryan-Mestre, Jun 5, 2016
"If you want to relive old stories of pirates, this is your destination. In Calpe Town (Alicante Province). You find obstacles like slippery rocks, dark tunnels and killer seagulls. But you find magnificent views as treasure." - franciscobirruezo, Apr 30, 2016


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