7,965 ft / 2,428 m


3,651 ft / 1,113 m


13 summits

Top climbing months

June   23%

August   23%

July   15%

Most climbed route

San Ildefonso

"We come from Puerto de Los Cotos in Madrid, and we have made two peaks. A group of mountaineers goes to the Peak Peñalara We follow them and soon we are climbing an endless very stony slope. The views from the top are fantastic, we see the city of Segovia and the forests of Valsaín at our feet. The descent is endless and we arrive at a restaurant where there are pictures of famous mountaineers. We have eaten as if we were four." - franciscobirruezo, Jul 23, 2018
"Lovely hike, with a little scrambling if you go through the claveles ridge.A little more demanding on winter but if you take a pair of crampoons and ice axe, and know the basics its still a lovely walk." - eduardomartinez, Sep 11, 2006


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