4,612 ft / 1,405 m


1,230 ft / 375 m


Murcia, Spain


2 summits

Top climbing months

February   50%

July   50%

Most climbed route

From Collado Bermejo

"Snow day....and more storm are coming next week. The truth is that It has been hard, walking many miles on snow is exhausting, nevertheless I have seen landscapes of great beauty." - franciscobirruezo, Feb 3, 2018
"Autumnal day to climb Peña Apartada Peak. I have to tell you that it takes quite some time to get this Natural Park. Perhaps because the speed within it is limited to 19 mph. From the wildlife monitoring center in Collado Bermejo begins a narrow path that leads to the top. Today there were storm warnings I have not take away eye of the clouds. On the way back I got lost a couple of times because there are no signs and the path is not so clear." - franciscobirruezo, Jul 1, 2017


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