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from Pacific Valley

"My uncle's friend and I started the hike from the road leading to Highland Lakes and as this was the first hike of the camping trip, so I needed to adjust to the altitude. The hike starts at 8200 ft. We had a hard time understanding the directions that were posted in the Bear Valley Wiki so we just made a guess and went straight up this chute. It was an amazing site once you are on top and can see just how large the peep sight is. You can see it from Cape Horn if you have binocs and it looks so small. We spent some time taking photos as you will see some of the ones posted are mine. It's an" - marbertdye, Aug 6, 2008
"Rode in from Pacific Valley, ran into one freakin' huge cinnamon bear within feet of Josie and I. We met face to face as we rounded a corner on the trail in Milk Ranch Meadow. On the way out saw two more bear. Definately a bear day!" - cowpony01, Jun 5, 2007


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