1.8 mi to summit

8.3 mi total


2,072 ft start

2,486 ft max


1,771 ft gain


1 hr 8 min to summit

5 hr 41 min total

Pretty day to do the ridge traverse to the sandwich themed peaks in LMNRA with my honey and puppy. Even though two of the "peaks" are just bumps on the ridge you need all 5 to build the sandwich. Peanut, Butter, Jelly, Sandwich, and Panini. You park on Black Joe Mine rd. and take the tunnel under the I-11 to access them. Steep and loose were the words of the day with some light scrambling on the traverse to Sandwich Peak. (Where we ate our PBJ's). Daisy dog had no issues on this terrain of course. It was peaceful and the views of Black Canyon were gorgeous as always. We left a register on Panini Peak since there wasn't one.


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