9,360 ft / 2,853 m

#1,102 in California

#7,630 in United States


2 summits

#1,833 in California

#7,746 in United States

Top climbing months

July   50%

August   50%

Most climbed route

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  • Peak 9360 is a fun summit just northeast of Lightning Gulch Point. It can be easily and quickly accessed heading northeast from the high point of the dirt road before it dips one last time and then makes its last ascent to Lightning Gulch Point.
  • The scarcity of people hiking the area can make it nearly certain to have the summit to yourself. It is also withing a very short distance of Lightning Gulch Point that it makes a "multi-summit day" ridiculously easy and fun!
  • The vegetation in the area of Peak 9360 and Lightning Gulch Point runs the fine line between subalpine Lodgepole/Limber Pine forest and high-elevation Sierra Juniper woodland with Singleleaf Pinyons not to far down the trail from the peak!