12,297 ft / 3,748 m


17 ft / 5 m


16 summits

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June   23%

August   17%

October   17%

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Humphreys Peak Trail

Class 1
"Passed this "Point" on the way to the summit (Humphreys Peak) of the original San Francisco Peak. Interesting history from summit post.org: Humphreys Peak is the highest point of San Francisco Mountain. San Francisco Mountain is a fragment of what was a much larger mountain. It is estimated that San Francisco Mtn. was once about 16,000-20,000 feet. It is also Arizona's only strato-volcano. San Francisco Mountain has said to be Mt. Saint Helens twin. Before the eruption of Mt. Saint Helens there was many questions about San Francisco Mtn. Scientist did not know why it had its bowl shape. V" - BryHong8, Oct 30, 2016
"(See Humphreys Peak for a Google Earth perspective of the hike) My 19 year daughter recently moved to California to share in an adventure in living, with her other 2 sisters. I have 4 daughters and she is the only one that is interested in peakbagging. Last year my son Garret & I hiked Mt. Whitney, the highest peak in California and the lower 49 states. We had been talking about hiking Arizona’s highest Peak, Humphreys Peak, elevation 12,633 since last year. I have an interest in hiking a few western state high points. He had a new son, was moving into a new house, didn’t have much time to" - Phil-Robinson, Jul 8, 2016
"Drove up from Vegas. Took the Humphreys Peak trail to Humphreys Peak, where we braved 50-60 mph winds, then visited San Francisco Mountain & the plane crash site on our way down." - Kevin, Jun 9, 2012


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