13,391 ft / 4,082 m


1,731 ft / 528 m


8 summits

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July   50%

September  37%

June   12%


  • Parry Peak is about 50 miles west of Denver, Colorado and lies along the Continental Divide Trail.
"Excellent little bushwhack, starting at Fall River Reservoir and heading up to Parry via the main gully. Spotted 6 or 7 bighorn sheep on the way up, at about 12K. After summiting, we traversed over to Bancroft and then back down to the reservoir. Got pretty steep at the end! " - LGH-Dan, Sep 19, 2018
"The ridge from Bancroft to Parry is easy and only took about 30 mins. Parry's summit has great views of Winter Park / Mary Jane and Berthoud Pass. I ate lunch and headed back to Bancroft where I would descend to Lake Caroline." - WaxDr, Jul 30, 2016



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