12,394 ft / 3,778 m


414 ft / 126 m


1 summit

Top climbing months

July   100%

Most climbed route

Parika Trail up Parika Mountain

"Left St. Louis, MO on Friday and drove straight through to Boulder for breakfast and then to Estes Park for lunch and then to the trail head. Camped just inside the forest the first night. Went up through the forest and to the Grand Ditch where we camped for the next night. The next day we lugged our 60 lb. packs up to Parika Lake where we set up camp. Tuesday and Wednesday we made back to back hikes up Parika Mountain. On the second day we crossed over to Baker Mountain and came down it to the lake by zig-zagging straight down the mountain. Fished in Parika Lake and caught some trout fo" - kola, Jul 28, 1998


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