Chiriquí peaks

106 peaks

Highest peak

Volcán Barú (Volcán de Chiriqui)

11,398 ft / 3,474 m

Most summited peak

Volcán Barú (Volcán de Chiriqui)

7 summits

Most prominent peak

Volcán Barú (Volcán de Chiriqui)

4,311 ft / 1,313 m prom

Chiriquí summits

7 summits

First Ascent Awards

1 of 106 peaks 0%

Top climbing months

February 28%

June 28%

May 28%

Top ranges

Talamanca Range

Chiriquí mountains highlights

"After passing through the canals on a sailboat, I caught the 10pm bus out of Panama City to David. I then caught the 5am bus from David to Boquete. With not much to do at such an early hour, and it being a clear and sunny morning, I ambitiously decided to grab some groceries and caught a cab to trailhead for $6. I had to pay $5 to enter the park. Having slept on a bus (poorly -my lips were blue all night from the intense air conditioning), I did poorly on this hike. I started around 7:15am and finished almost 12 hours later*. I had to take a few naps in the dirt on the way up. I spe" - Volcán Barú (Volcán de Chiriqui), timusername, Jun 6, 2017
"I went up with a group of people I worked with in a wildlife reserve close to Boquete and a friend of them. We started at nine in the evening and went slowly, took some breaks and wanted to be at the peak for sunrise. And it worked out. I was so tired...but so happy ;o)" - Volcán Barú (Volcán de Chiriqui), jennyzaremba, May 30, 2011

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