7,760 ft / 2,365 m


480 ft / 146 m


19 summits

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June   21%

August   21%

July   10%

Most climbed route

Pleasant View Ridge

"A buddy from work and I took the Burkhart Trail from Devil's Punchbowl County Park, rounding Cruthers Canyon and Creek and took the long slog up the east slope under Will Thrall Peak leading to Burkhart Saddle. There is a faint but generally evident use trail that leads to the summit (and beyond to Mt. Williamson and PCT). The use path is steep and slippery, so a cautious ascent, and especially descent, is prudent. It is a tough hike! You start at the Punchbowl, and gradually ascend several hundred feet around Coulter Pine clad slopes, and then descend several hundred more down pinyon and " - brianpowell, Feb 3, 2018
"2 years since last visit, ascended from SE face this time for a "pathfinder". 1.8 miles 1-way w/500' loss and 700' steep gain from Peak 7560 via x-country HPS (Sierra Club) route. Hiked with group of 12 WTC hikers, led by Mat K and Dave S." - BradStemm, Jun 18, 2016
"2.7 miles w/1,100' gain from nearby Pleasant View Ridge(7,983') on maintained eastbound trail. 5.8 mile return to Burkhart Trail parking area w/1,050' additional gain on 10W02 trail." - BradStemm, Jun 18, 2014
"Slippery climb from Mt Williamson to Burkhart Saddle via Pleasant View Ridge. Stay on north ridge or you will miss the saddle on the way down (like I did). Second peak of the day." - srphilip, Aug 20, 2011



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