• Owl's Head lies in the Pemigewasset Wilderness between the Franconia Branch of the Pemigewasset River (to its east) and Lincoln Brook (to its west and south).
  • Best known as one of the 48 White Mountain "4000 Footers" and stands out as the only one of the 48 without an officially maintained path to the summit.
  • An unofficial, unmaintained herd path up a slide comes within 0.2 miles of the viewless summit.
  • It receives (as does Mount Isolation) a disproportionately frequent role as the last 4000-footer to be climbed in the NH 4000 Footers Peak Challenge.
  • In the fall of 2005, it was (re-)discovered that the traditional summit of Owl's Head (reached by the unmaintained beaten path) is actually a lower peak, and the true summit is approximately 0.2 mi north along the ridgeline.
"My 30th NH 4,000-footer the week of my 30th birthday! I had performed in a chamber music concert in CT Friday night, and was running on a maximum of 4 hours of sleep when I met Jessica at 4:40am Saturday. We took our standard 3+ hour drive to our mountain of choice, all the while bemoaning our mutual exhaustion and agreeing we had probably made a terrible decision, but were doing it anyway. The clouds rested below the mountains that morning, and the vibrant autumn colors assured us the trip ahead would be worth it. It was! 39 degrees to start. Varied and pleasant terrain. Two new trail friends" - gooner, Oct 6, 2018
"Went out to help Roger finish his regular season 48. We had to break trail the whole way and since Roger broke out Moosilauke on Friday I gave him and rest and broke the majority of the 17 mile hike. I hated Owls Head the first time I did it....and actually enjoyed it for most of the way this time...until the steep climb...which might be the steepest mile I have had to hike, while breaking the trail. I never really get winded, but this one did it for me. We were soaked from the snow that was falling and the snow on the trees we knocked onto ourselves....I dont know that I have ever been so" - shay-shay, Mar 11, 2018
"After being out for 3 weeks, Doug and I went to hike this peak for my Jan Grid. Not the best of weather. A bit sleety and light snow. Great to be back out there. Def feeling it today. " - newenglandwarrior, Jan 22, 2018
"Part of an overnight hike to gain experience. Went up Lincoln Woods Tr and took the Black Pond bushwack over. Went up Owl's Head with my gear. Then came down and continued up Lincoln Brook Tr. That was a neat area of trail. Camped at 13 Falls Tentsite. " - newenglandwarrior, Sep 21, 2017
"My first White Mountains backpacking trip (just 1 night). Nice hike in even with a heavier pack than usual. Took the Black Pond herd path to shave off a mile & avoid a couple of water crossings. Found a campsite & dropped heavy items before starting up to the summit. Slide trail to the summit is not too bad, a couple of dicey spots, but nothing like the North Tripyramid slide! Some very nice views across to Mt. Liberty & Mt. Lincoln from the slide. Summit is in the woods, but easy to find, no views. " - PJSelmer, Sep 16, 2017



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