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Owens Peak Trailhead

"I'd been wanting to do this one for a while as I've never hiked in this area, and it's the only peak I know of that is both HPS and SPS. Absolutely worth it. This region is clearly under-appreciated hiking territory. We jumped off the main trail at a clearing, following the gully heading right for the PCT. Almost as soon as we met that, we veered right up the ridge for a fun class two scramble. Taking the normal trail down, I'm glad that scree path wasn't our ascent. " - JustinB, May 30, 2018
"I hiked Morris Peak, Mt. Jenkins, and Owens Peak on Day 1 of a 3-day backpacking trip along the PCT in the Owens Peak Wilderness. I started with 3 liters, but by the time I climbed all 3 peaks and made it to the next water source I was pretty dehydrated. It was warmer than I expected, making this a pretty hard day. Camped in upper Cow Canyon near a small seasonal stream." - klotito, May 27, 2017
"Hardest part was the drive to the TH. Steep hike but legit trail the whole way up. Bit loose above black talus, but still manageable. Greeted at the top by a wall of incoming snow and wind, maybe 5 miles west. High tailed it down to get back to the car before the rain made the road out more difficult. An interesting conclusion to my week in the desert. " - edg, Apr 7, 2015
"Probably the most spectacular view at the summit of any hikes I've done to date. We had an incredibly clear day. Whitney was straight north, Baldy loomed in the distant southeast, and we could just make out Gorgonio. We did Five Fingers first, which made for a very tough, steep day of hiking, but it was well worth it." - HikerMark, Oct 12, 2014
"Perfect weather! Warm and a slight breeze. This was my fifth HPS peak and the final one for my New Year's Resolution! Said I was going to climb the major peaks of the Owen's Peak Wilderness and now I have. I am not done however! This was also the first peak my sweetheart decided to join me on. Sadly for her, this was the most difficult of the five. Anyways, the first part is a good huff. Once you get to the black talus I highly recommend you stay on it. There are some cairn stones going to up the white rock but as the HPS route suggests "If you are on the white rocks you have gone too far"" - Irrationalist, Mar 23, 2013



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